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‘ve thought about this subject quite some time and thought about the way in which globalization affects my daily life. And it is true globalization affects our daily life but I wasn’t sure if that’s a bad or a good thing.

Of course, there is the thing that globalization allows you to experience other cultures and then it’s the fact that through globalization identities are lost. We do what other people from other parts of the world do instead of sticking to our own traditions or actually do both which is a mix.

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What I would like to point out is that globalization has thought me how to say “Je t’aime” “Yo no comprendo” and also the offensive word “Nigga” but it also thought people the song “Maiyahi” (known as the Numa, Numa phenomenon).

Of course, I am referring to cultural words, phrases, phenomenon but these aren’t exactly the things that affect us on a daily basis. It is rather the exposure to products (aliments and media products) that come from other parts, those are the things that affect us on our daily basis.

The melting of the icebergs affects us because the melting of icebergs is caused by us and the fact that we don’t recycle and because we pollute too much. This has affected me in a way in which I became aware that what we do doesn’t only affects those around me but also that any action I take it’s like a drop of rain in water, it creates a wave, a small one or a big one (I don’t think it really can be measured) that affects everyone.

And this awareness comes from globalization, of course also education but globalization is a form of education as well. Through the effects of globalization, we learn so many things about other countries and we become curious about other parts of the world, other traditions and somehow develop daily a sense of understanding and compassion or hatred for other people, nations, cultures etc.

So simply put globalization doesn’t affect us, only in a bad or good way, most probably it affects us in both ways but not all the effects can be seen from one day to the other, actually globalization doesn’t affect you daily but rather influences you on a daily basis.

Raul Mihai Poias


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How globalization affects my daily life
In “Articles”
Me and the Rest of the World- How globalization affects my daily life
In “Articles”
How globalization affects my daily life
In “Articles”
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