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Vikas Mishra, the Lucknow passport officer in the eye of a storm for allegedly bigoted behaviour toward an interfaith couple , today defended the questions he asked of the couple saying he was just following procedure.
Mishra, who was transferred today from Lucknow to Gorakhpur, for reportedly mistreating the Hindu wife-Muslim husband couple, said the wife had a different name in her ‘nikahnama’, or wedding certificate, compared with her other documents, which is why he asked for more proof. He also denied saying “it is a duty for a woman to get her name changed after marriage”. or telling the husband he should “convert to Hinduism”.
The couple, Tanvi Seth and Anas Siddiqui, says that Mishra told them “there was an issue with my file since I had married a Muslim, and yet retained my maiden name”, which is when he also reportedly said she must “dutifully” change her name after marriage. They also tweeted to external affairs minister Sushma Swaraj.
“Incorrect,” says Mishra, giving his version of what transpired yesterday.
“She was showing nikahnama that had her name as ‘Shazia Anas’ but had said on documents that she has not changed her name Why did she not endorse this on paper? I asked her to endorse her ‘nikah’ name, but she said she did not want to do that, which is when I sent her to the higher official,” said Mishra

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