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111 Town Square Pl, Jersey City, NJ 07310, U.S.

What is a project? is defined as an individual or a group work to implement an idea, if it’s a product or a service. Also, the project can be considered as acting in which certain resources are used, and funds are spent to obtain benefits during an agreed period. The project is a continuance efficiency begins with questions raise curiosity. The small project has a legal status, a tax card, and has a commercial register and a license. The project is an automatic activity in order to achieve a purpose and is carried out in a normal social environment. The project is intentional action related to life. Moreover, the definition of project management is defined as a discipline related to the organization and management of resources available in projects, such as human resources or material resources, in such a way that the project can be successfully completed taking into account the factors of quality, time and cost available. Project management is one of the most important elements of modern management science these days which is always evolving. In the past decades, the use of project management science has increased, due to the rapid growth of projects, whether for governments or companies, and this to reach the goals. For a long time, projects have also been defined as external works, such as the exterior appearance of bridge builders, construction of buildings, railroads.

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