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What must always be remembered, is that is not about what you are teaching. It is about what the individual learner will learn. By using different teaching approaches and methods, the needs of as many learners as possible is taken into account. It promotes interest for the learner whilst enabling them to acquire new skills.
Utilising different approaches and methods will also introduce learners to different learning styles outside of their ‘comfort zone’ and expose them to different ways of learning. Whatever resources are used, the effectiveness of this should be evaluated for future use, and to support the differing needs of individual learners, e.g. dyslexia, a hearing or sight impairment physical or mental disabilities. We must always, not only take the number of learners into account, but also their diversity. This is important to make sure that we understand and produce learning material that is suitable for all and promotes learning within an inclusive environment.
Any initial assessment that is undertaken to support any current learning that is to take place, must take into account previous experience and the needs of the individual learner to ensure firstly, they are on the right course of training, and secondly, any potential learning to be undertaken supports any qualification requirements that the learner may have.
Within any group of learners in a training environment, it is important to know that there will be individuals with different learning styles. By using different teaching approaches and strategies, the needs of as many learners as possible will be taken into account. These might be:
a) learner lead – where the learner learns at their own pace of learning.
b) Learning by doing – where the learner will demonstrate what they have learned and been taught.
c) Experimentation – more of a ‘hands on’ kinaesthetic style learning approach.

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