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111 Town Square Pl, Jersey City, NJ 07310, U.S.

When I was young, I have always have a lot of big dream jobs. Like to be an astronaut or an actor but they all become impractical jobs to me when I was going on a trip with my school to visit an oncology hospital to meet and gift gifts to the poor patients there. Since then, I had dreamt to be an oncologist.

Oncology is the studies of cancer or tumor. And an oncologist is a kind of doctor who treats cancer and provides a medical cares for someone who is diagnosed with cancer. And I also wanted to one day become one because of these following reasons.

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Firstly, an oncologist could be a very helpful job because I can get to help others who are victims of this horrible disease. I could also help out myself and my family if they ever suffered this disease. And I could help the poor people in our country countryside who can’t afford to pay the bills for hospital and medicines.

Secondly, because nowadays cancer have become a very infamous disease that a lot of people suffered them. And there hasn’t been a lot of 100% successful cures and of treatment for them. So I also can tribute my knowledge to find out new treatments and cures to fight back with the disease.

Thirdly, the average income of an oncologist is $360,000 per year. So I can also make a lot of money out of it. It will be enough for me to pay for my finances and a lot more excess money.

But being an oncologist isn’t always good, there is also the disadvantages. Well, in able to be one, I would have to spend a lot of your time and money learning and doing a lot of practice at medical school before I could get a degree and start my job. I can also get a lot of stress, for example, you could get stress out by losing one of your patients or stress out by the fear of losing one. And if there is something wrong with your patients then I could get sue by someone.

I really want to have this job because it is very helpful, I can help to be able to fight back with this disease. But to be able to do so, I would have to study really hard and I would also have to be good at subjects like biology or chemistry. So from now, I will start to study harder to achieve my dreams.

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