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When resilience is visualize as a trait, it has been indicate that it shows the bunch of attributes that permit a person to adjust to the situation that happens to them (Connor and Davidson, 2003). The psychological resilience has been perceived as a personality trait. It is considered that resilience trait is changeable which means that resilience trait is change with time.
Garmezy introduce some of factors that affect resilience are these (Garmezy, 1984):
1: Individual factors; a child’s dispositional characteristics. For example the activity level of a child , their cognitions, and how they face new situation and how they show positive response to other’s in a negative situation.
2: Familial factors; family conditions and warmness, the presence of parents or the presence of other members of the family that the child’s parents concern for the wellbeing of the child.
3: Support factors; an external support outside of the family that provide support to the individual e.g, a teacher.
Resilient people have the ability to show positive attitude and behavior in a negative situation. When a bad thing happens, they deal with that in a very good manner and they show positive behavior. They also know how to behave in stressful and depressed situation. They have the ability to give positive retort to surrounding and to other people in negative emotional predicament. They easily adapt new situation and easily adjust in new environment.
1.2 Narcissism
The word narcissism comes from Greek mythology, where a young man fell in love with his own image reflecting in water (Malcolm, 2014). The concept of narcissism was first introduced by Frued in his psychoanalytic theory. When level of narcissism increase and it become a part of person’s personality it will convert to Narcissistic Personality Disorder which is classified in DSM. According to DSM symptoms of narcissistic personality disorder are; grandiosity, excessive need for admiration, exaggerated sense of self importance and lack of empathy (Cherry, 2018). Narcissism seeing themselves as a superior who are entitled a unique treatment, also have distended sense of self-worth (Haslam, 2017). When they are ignored or their unique gifts are challenged they react in highly aggressive manner. Narcissist tends to have high self esteem than normal or average level, but that these levels are to some extent fragile and defensive (Haslam, 2017).
Narcissist are characterised by six areas of pathological functioning and this six areas are best illustrate in four narcissistic characteristics (Carson and Butcher, 1992) which is follows;
1. They have a sense of inferiority, which underlies engrossment with imagination of greater achievement.
2. They are impotent to trust and rely on others and thus build countless, shallow relations to extricate tributes from others.
3. They always have a shifting morality- always prepared to transfer values to acquire favour.
4. They are not able to remain in love and have impaired capacity for a committed relations.
1.2.1 Theories on Narcissism Freud (1925)
In the interest of Freud, narcissism is on a very basic level the theory of libidinal power inside the self-image. Auxiliary narcissism is disintegration toward essential narcissism also be proficient for the reason that it enriches with joy. Dream generally is more pleasant than authenticity. Tenants create analytic substance inclinations in the expectation to others will execute narcissistic wants inside the direct of their parents (moreover especially the cultivating mother). Other people who detail narcissistic substance inclination invest their libidinal energy inside features of themselves. Freud delineate Homosexual people alongside follow guardians while making narcissistic substance inclinations. While a narcissist is infatuated with another, it is for the reason that they be much the same as the self-inside a few ways. Lacan (1986)
For Lacan, narcissism starts inside the mirror period, wherever the misjudged perfect portrayal is esteemed. Narcissism end up being testing while this point be not by any stretch of the imagination take control and in addition the reflection isn’t turned out to be cognizant in that capacity notwithstanding searching for consequent to this impracticable perfection end up being a charmed and additionally endless aspiration. Klein (1975)
Klein disposed of Freud’s contemplations of antiquated narcissism. Inside Protest Relations Hypothesis be a kind of substance inclination inside which the self-acting a more noteworthy component than the certified element of the element. Inside narcissists, the sense of self is tearing and in addition for no reason totally re-coordinated. Winnicott (1975)
Implied for Winnicott, narcissism is a structure of manufactured self. A desire of the satisfactory mother is to encourage the child while in transit to structure a consolidated and also incredible self completely through durable pessimism notwithstanding utilization of a changeover element. Kohut (1971)
Kohut to the subject-love of narcissism corresponds amidst question love of others inside the lion’s share tenants, besides perceives a whole course aggregate pf identity strife in order to stalk starting a crushed development of this standard balance. Solely, these show up as of be lacking in mindfulness beginning guardians generally while the newborn children be dealt with like an add of a guardian’s conscience. Kernberg (1975)
Kernberg standpoint analytic not with standing narcissistic substance allocation seeing that disconnected and in addition have an identity, which is neglected to perceive or else over the top on threatening vibe. Obsessive element affiliations be separated as of the honest to goodness matter as they are troubling. He sees obsessive narcissism seeing that being more than disintegration while in transit to an earlier crossroads in spite of the fact that oblige to energetic hypothesis into a twisted identity. Lasch (1979)
Lasch (1979) describes raising narcissism toward merciful progress, wherever the brutal upper-sense of self is outdated by methods for the traditions of the inner self. Corporate greed influences a point of convergence over liberality and in addition social endorsement also thus too convinces extra unbolt narcissism. Missing dads be excessively seen since a reason, which have relationship in the midst of Lacan’s require implied for prospering advancement alongside the character of the dad inside the meaningful list. Narcissism may too put into the piece of consumerist associations since a point of convergence lying on the identity in the end demonstrate the path toward increased endeavor rate with dis-economies of adjust. Fascinatingly, narcissism is a remote more customary condition handled by means of psychoanalysts these days Amid freudian age the more normal stipulation was extra inside id-based sexually-based persecution.
1.3 Xennial
The term Xennial proposed by Jedoelbaum and Sarah Stankorb in 2014. According to them the generation who are born between 1977 and 1983 are called Xennials. This generation is also known as Oregon trail generation. Xennial also entitle as micro and in between generation. This generation is in between millennial and Gen Z. According to the research of Professor Dan Woodman on Xennials, the uniqueness center of the Xennial is technology. Xennial grown in an environment where there is unavailability of internet and advanced technology but in adulthood they use the computer and internet to adopt new technology. Xennials are contemplate a little optimistic and too confident generation. When they say something that matters to them they follow them and prove them (Mackenzie). Xennial and millennial feel pride on their work and on their doings. They also feel themselves responsible for their work. They love their work and do their work sincerely (Skowronski). Xennials can recall their life and the events that happen to them very clearly without using any medium such as internet, books, dairy etc. They are the early adopters of technology like social media and internet that we use now a days. They can retrieve everything. Their memory and retrieval process is superior than other generations. Because of their memory they are considered as multi taskers. They can perform a task easily and also easily perform multi tasks at a time.
1.4 Millennial
Millennials are also referred as Generation Y and the Net Generation. They are also demographic cohort that comes directly after generation X. Millennials is often apply to the adult people of 21st century (Rouse). The authentic indication of Millennials changes from one source to another (Rouse). Some of the researchers typically use the early 1981’s as starting birth years and the mid 1997’s to early 2000’s as ending birth years. Millennails are also called as Baby Boomers due to various reasons. Firstly, largely increase in their size i.e, 75.3 million which is better than the Baby Boomers. Secondly, their distinctive characteristics in terms of demographic taste and life style. Millennials have always been considered salient and special. Children’s of Millennials has been the most wanted. They have always received positive response input. They have the capacity to solve world problems that previous generation have failed to solve. They may claim for privacy but actually they yearn for attention.
Being children they are highly protected they grew up in time of increasing safety measure (car seats, baby on board sides, school lockdown) very rarely exposed to the unsupervised environment. Their parents fully support them and as a college students they expect their teachers to shield and foster them. They are self motivated, focused on their goals, and quite confident. They might be seen boasting their generation ability and potential. Millennials are great extend optimist and feel very close to their parents. They are quite ambitious and believe that they are always right. They are group oriented and feel happy with group work. Being a member of a sacrifice our own identity. With this generation great points are rising and crime is drop down. Their main focuses on hard work getting good grades and on the world of achievement rather then on their personal development. They are running with tightly scheduled routine. Their every hour of the day is occupied with structure activity. They are unable to bring harmony in their life because of the over burden on them. They struggle for free time in their life, because some how they lost sense of free time. They believe in giving respect to authority. They expect their betterment from government. They give importance to their parents suggestion and opinion. They believe in social rules and are close to their parents values (Howe and Strauss, 2003).
1.5 Generation Z
Generation Z or I Gen are born between 1995 and 2012 and are also known as post millennials. I Gen born with in the technological age, multi culturalism, war and terror. Gen Z is the first one who represent global culture, their trends is more uniform over the globe and are the most open minded generation (Duncan and Greendale, 2012). They identified themselves as being loyal, compassionate, thoughtful, open minded, responsible and determined. They are competitive, adventuresome and curious. They are mostly independent decision makers. They are less optimistic about their career and have low self confidence and are the only generation who are born up with using digital media technology e.g. using smart phones, I-pads, laptops, and focused on connecting via social media and internet. They prefer texting than talking. They interact and communicate with friends and family via social media sites like Facebook, twitter, instagram, Skype, and whtsapp etc through their smart phones.
According to Cowan this generation is also called ”curling generation” because they are much more dependent on their parents and their parents also care much more are remove hurdles that they have faced, due to this the Gen Z become overprotected by their parents (Cowan, 2014). Gen Z are also appear as individualistic, and less goal oriented also their verbal communication are under-developed because nearly all of the times their parents are away from the home and didn’t give them proper attention (Prelude, 2016).

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