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While watching the film it becomes clear very quickly that the Norsefire government restricts human freedoms and rights. This is emphasized by the the actions the government takes in order to oppress its citizens such as setting a curfew for all residents not allowing them to be out late, enforced strict rules based on allowing people to say what they wish and do what they wish, every aspect of life was all government based, like the values suggested under authoritarian rule and a dictatorship. The government had taken all civil liberties away from the residents, allowing the government to spy on anyone without a warrant. V suggests that the way to overcome this oppression is to free oneself from ignorance and weakness. People must emancipate themselves from the restraints put on them by the government but also free themselves from the prisons of their own minds. V makes it his purpose to awaken the public and rally them to fight back against the government’s control.

Question two: Lewis Prothero is clearly racist. His xenophobia rant demonstrates fascist tendencies. Explain the elements of fascism presented in the movie.

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Like most fascist societies, the government presented in V for Vendetta, the Norsefire, celebrates the achievements of one racial group -in this case, the caucasians- and attacks nearly all other racial groups and violates human rights and freedoms. Their main goal is to eradicate the certain racial group and their racial achievements. Racism and sexism are crucial components in a fascist society. Sexism is also present within the film – all the prominent authorities in the government are men. Not only is Lewis Prothero xenophobic, but given evidence, we can conquer the governing body is also very xenophobic. Norsefire rules through both fear and force. V is fully focused on regaining the freedoms for the citizens, he declares that “people should not be afraid of their governments, governments should be afraid of their people.” Authoritarian and fascist tendencies often root from fear itself. A quote in the film, “if our own government was responsible for the death of hundreds of thousands of people” emphasizes a clear fascist element. Fascist societies throughout history have been known for the death of many of their citizens. Another quote that emphasizes fascist tendencies is “is that what you really think or what they want you to think”. This quote suggest indoctrination within the society, governments controlling what the society believes in order to make the citizens easier to control and have rule over. Many other qualities and elements throughout the movie are presented through the use of fingerman, curfews, propaganda, black bagging, mysterious dissppearances, spying without a warrant, and a manipulated democracy.

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