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white suit
what was Mark Twain’s trademark?

Samual Clemens
what was Mark Twain’s real name?

hannibal Missouri
Where did Mark Twain grow up?

Tom Sawyer
What novel mirrors Twain’s youth?

printer’s apprentice
Twain left school to become what?

what was twain’s dream and favorite profession?

gold mining
What “honorable course” did Twain pursue?

After he found that he was dead broke, what profession did Twain do?

Rambler, Rumbler, Josh, John snooks
What were some other pen names that Twain tried before Mark Twain?

steamboat fathoms
What does Mark Twain mean?

Jim Smiley and his Jumping Frog
What short story gained Mark Twain’s first national acclaim?

What ethnic group’s treatment did Twain write about?

what was Twain a natural at?

Mark Twain
At age 31, Samuel Clemens perfected what?

find a home
In 1861, Twain headed East to do what?

THe publication of Huckleberry Finn in 1884 showed what in Twain?

his family
Throughout his isolation, due to brash independence, who remained loyal to him?

Olivia Clemens
What was the name of his wife?

3 daughters
How many children did he have?

youngest daughter
Who was Twian closest to?

happy family
how did she describe her family in her biography?

Why was Twain a difficult man to live with?

20 minute monologue
If you dined with Twain, what could you expect during the evening?

quarry farm, New York
Where was the “birthplace” of his greatest works “THe Adventures of Tom Sawyer” and “The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn”?

raise money
In 1895, why did Mark Twain go on a world tour?

Suzie died of meningitis
What was the worse news of his life?

most popular and influential voice in america
By the dawn of the 20th centurey, what did Mark Twain become?

american institution
The man from Hannibal became an….

In 1907, Mark Twain received an honorary degree from where?

stopped school at age 11
Why was the degree significant to Mark Twain?

To relieve his loneliness, he made friendships with nearly a dozen young girls. What did he call them?

What year did he die?

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