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Why they legalized MMA in New York in 2016

Why should MMA be illegal if it offers many aspects? Mix Martial Arts definitely should be legal. For instance, practicing MMA develops discipline, offers ongoing practice and participation, and encourages confidence. Mix Martial Arts should be legal for many excellent reasons including discipline.
Woo Kickboxing, a MMA academy, agrees that Mix Martial Arts should be legal according to their website called “Woo Kickboxing Academy”. First off, MMA develops discipline and focus that can accommodate many things. In effect for developing discipline from Mix Martial Arts, you will understand the extensive importance of hard work that is very important for school and your career. Also, having respect for others and yourself is key for success too. Therefore, MMA should be legalized as a result of developing discipline and practice.
Leigh McKenzie, the author of the article titled “MMA – The Pros and Cons of a Controversial Sport” gives both sides about whether MMA should be legal or illegal. In addition, McKenzie states that Mix Martial Arts offers ongoing practice and participation that can help other activities. As a result of ongoing practice, you will be less mundane to practice for any other activities including sports and school. Ongoing participation can be helpful in school, your career, and your life. As has been noted, ongoing practice and participation is a great welfare from MMA and so is confidence.
The sponsor of, Juggle LLC, presented both sides about whether or not MMA should be legal on their web page titled “Should MMA be Legal?”. Not to mention, states that Mix Martial Arts encourages confidence that can assist any actions. Confidence can not only benefit you in nimble fighting, but with activities like school, your career, and your life. Confidence in life is key to get subjects done instead of denounce and not. MMA should be legal for many superb reasons, so why make it illegal?
Ultimately, Mix Martial Arts can be very useful and should not be illegal. First, MMA develops discipline that can lead to many great actions. Also, it offers ongoing practice and participation. Mix Martial Arts encourages an ample amount of confidence too. Why should Mix Martial Arts be illegal if it is an asset to life because it accommodates multiple activities?

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