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Wild Strawberries
Wild Strawberries is a humane image on age, missing love, emotional blankness, and existential guilt. Written and directed by Bergman Ingmar (1957). In my view the wild strawberries is definitely, a movie, which can change man’s mind and really lead our ego to ask questions to ourselves.
A good example of the dreams is showed at the beginning of Bergman’s Wild Strawberries. The film was presents to us by Isak Borg, the lonely and elderly 78 year medical and physician who is about to talk as a doctor Professor who supposed to travel the following day from Stockholm, his home, to take an honorary degree at the University of Lund.
During the day before his trip and exhibition, he gets concerned by a very hostile strange dream. In the dream, Borg turn out to be nervous when his regular walk, according to the dream, points him into some town that is not familiar to him. As the vision makes known, his discomfort intensifies as follows, his heart begins beating loudly when he notices that his watch is handless, suggesting that he vanished: vanished in time and space. When he confronts the only person in his sight, the amount occurs to have worn a shocking death-mask on his face but dissolves on Borg’s suggestion.
The visitor leaves just a small pile of clothing and some blood-like lightly flowing liquid. It is the echo of a church bell that marks the appearance of a bier than is driverless horse-drawn. The car loses one of it tires, and the coffin throws forcefully onto the pavement just in front of Borg and it cracks open. He unwillingly moves forward towards the coffin to check the body within. When he does so, the corpse reaches its hand out to grasp at him. Borg is even more horrified when he realizes that the figure inside the coffin is his own; the corpse then grabs Borg’s hand, pulling him nearer to it up until Borg’s expression fully fills the Corpses’ dream. At this point, Borg awakens, and is very worried by this dream. As a result of this nightmare, he hastily amends his thoughts for the day; he chooses to drive to Lund rather than using his scheduled flight. This choice gives the way for encounters and a reflection including the rest of Borg’s outstanding part of journey and film.
While Borg specifing that he was satisfied with the self-imposed gorgeous loneliness state in the opening monologue, his statement is opposed by counsel of fear during the order of the dreams. His self-discovery as a vivacious corpse within a damaged coffin obviously shows the old man has subconsciously understood that he is presently in a state of living death- a close he reaches more categorically and knowingly later in the film, after a 17th minute sequence that is more difficult. The # two dreams takes place when Borg and his travel acquaintance Marianne stop at his family’s childhood summerhouse. When Evald wakes up, he and Marianne are by themselves in the parked car, and she told him about her predicaments with her husband Evald. She told her husband few months prior that she is pregnant, but he stubbornly opposed to bring a child into the world. He stressed how different they were by indicating that her overall wish was to live and make life, while he was to be “stone-cold dead.” His husband told her, she would have to make a choice between him and the baby. Marianne told Isak that when she gets to Lund she will tell her husband she is keeping the baby. Borg, as he lay in the wild strawberry patch, visions of events that occurred about 50th years ago. In the 3rd dream, in the 2nd half of the film, he sleeps in the car’s driver seat. This dream runs for a 50 of the whole film time where he returns to the earlier dream of the strawberry. What wild Strawberries cinematically attains is a melancholy statement about life.
The film ends where Borg is left by himself on the bed and drifts into yet another dream. He dreams about his parents; he moves from nervousness and anxiety of the earlier visions to satisfaction. This is more overt representation of requests that are achieved indicates that Borg has already determined the issue that earlier tormented him and is reconciled with his family, looking backwards and to the future. In conclusion, the movie is completely a sincere intelligent/ emotional effort to comprehend the difficulties, dissatisfactions

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