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William Owe writes about the problem of evil explaining some facts of atheisms. This paper has much that revolves around the Atheist community. One of the arguments brought up by Rowe is the existence of evil in atheism. He tries to figure out if an atheist does have some existence of evil in the belief. Secondly, is trying to figure out how atheist defends their position. He tries to answer if they believe in the existence of evil in atheism. Finally, in the same first paragraph the argument regarding the position that is usually taken by atheist.
Having found some links between evil and atheist, Rowe tries to differentiate between evil and atheist. He explains the meaning of the word “theist” saying that it is someone who believes in the existence of some divine despite atheist not believing in God. Paragraph three speaks out about the argument that atheist believes in the existence of evil. If one experience some suffering the author states that this is a kind of evil. However, if the suffering that one goes through is for good, one may conclude that the pain has been justified, but in the long run, it remains to be evil. Going through some intense may be considered to be evil, but if it’s for good course, then this should not be regarded as evil despite it being regarded as evil.
The author then tries to show that the act on atheism brings evil to the world. He does this using some premise one of them is just the act of accepting atheism. When a human being or even an animal is experiencing intense suffering, this can be prevented by omniscient a wholly good being. However, the author has provided some conditions for this premise one of it is that for the greater good to occur, wholly good must permit intense suffering. The second condition is that for a greater good G to happen, this is obtained by the wholly good if it is permitted by the intense suffering or even some evil equality. The final condition is that for intense suffering it can be prevented by wholly good if only the same wholly good permits evil equality.
From the reading, one can understand that any intense suffering can be prevented by the provided premises. He comes up with the issue of fawn’s suffering which occurs due to evil equally either bad or worse. The existence of an omnipotent or omniscient usually does prevent the happenings of the fawns which is usually not accepted by an atheist. The suffering that happens in this world cannot be ascertained on how they occur. With the suffering that takes place, the author indicates that there is no existence of the omnipotent or the omniscient implying that the atheist is right in their argument that God does not exist.
At the end of the paper, the author introduces G.E Moore arguments regarding the atheists. He provides some premises regarding the atheism arguments. Using the G.E argument many of the atheists do blame the theist to be having a false belief and the theist blaming the theist to be having a false belief. Finally, at the end of the paper, he comes with the argument of friendly atheism. He argues that atheist should not be in any instance be friendly since it will become paradoxical. The paper revolves around the ability of the atheist to reject the existence of evil. One may argue that there is no need of supporting atheism but the author supports the belief in atheism.

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