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111 Town Square Pl, Jersey City, NJ 07310, U.S.
111 Town Square Pl, Jersey City, NJ 07310, U.S.

Williams1Amber WilliamsProfessor KendallDAN112020 May 2018 The Power of DanceDance is powerful. It’s a form of communication, self-expression, and identity that’s portrayed through special movement of the body to music or beats and sometimes done in groups of people or solo. Dance is a universal communication in all cultures all over the world by people of different age, gender, beliefs, and styles. It’s used as a form of entertainment as well as serve as careers. For as many years as dance has been around, it’s still continuing to grow into a huge industry where people gain experiences, opportunities, and self-fulfillment.When dancing, there’s a flow of emotion and intent behind the reason for dancing. Communicated through movements, facial expressions, and music you can determine the style or culture the dancing has originated from. Culture appreciation is also done through dancing. All cultures have a different style and meaning behind their kind of dance. During special gatherings such as weddings or birthday parties there’s always dancing taking place. Depending on the culture, depends on the style of dance. Whether its choreographed or just for fun, dancing is a way to bring people closer together in a positive light. Personally, when I was younger going to dance class was a way for me to meet new friends. It was a way to express my feelings and show my personality in the movements that were given to my team and me. Also, through my religion of Christianity, a way of praising the lord was through dance as well. It communicated my emotions and told a story as it brought
Williams2everyone in the church together to share the love of our religion as one. In all, through my experiences with recreational and religious dancing influenced my definition what “Dance” means to me. Now going through college and deciding to be an art major also changes the way I see dance. The shapes and forms that can be made with your body while dancing is art! It’s a part of me and who I am especially, others in the United States. The entertainment industry has to be the largest among citizens here. With music and food, our culture combines dance with both as a way of entertainment for everyone. It brings people together from all different backgrounds to enjoy different kinds of dance such as: theatrical performances, dance performances, music concerts, dinner shows, dance classes, and etc…. all while incorporating different cultures. Living through happiness and joy is the American dream, having the freedom to express emotion freely is what everyone wants.In all, dancing is powerful. There’s always a meaning behind the form of expression. Dance is a universal communication in all cultures all over the world by people of different age, gender, beliefs, and styles. Whether its religious dance, cultural dance, entertainment, or maybe just dancing for fun it’s the freedom of expression or story telling that attracts everyone to participate. Dancing is something that will always be around, a timeless enjoyment.

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