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Winter, spring, summer and fall, each, in their own way, affect aspects of our lives. Specifically, Summer and Winter have extremes which determine change in our life during their season. Sometimes, people’s daily activities, choices of food, and style change as the seasons change, I believe that winter offers a lot more comfort than summer and is overall a better season for food, activities, and clothes. But I would rather have warmer weather than the colder weather. Although summer can get extremely hot, I feel that there is more to do within that season.
The food people eat changes during summer and winter. In the summer, because the weather is so hot, people would prefer to eat cold food like ice-cream to keep their bodies cool. During winter, people will eat hot and spicy foods like hot soups and stews which help them keep themselves warm. People love the idea of warming myself up with a nice bowl of homemade soup and cuddling up by the fire. It is very uncommon for anyone to want a bowl of ice cream when there is snow outside, instead they would enjoy a nice cup of hot chocolate.
The way people dress also change because of the different seasons. During summer people will usually wear casual and light clothing like t-shirts, shorts, and dresses to keep them cool. But, during winter, people wear thick and warm clothes which are the most appropriate attire to keep themselves warm. Boots, gloves, coats, and hats are the main accessories at the time. Most people also layer their clothing to keep them warm. The colors people wear also change during the different seasons. In the summer they wear bright and sunny colors, while in the winter they wear darker and boring colors.
There are also different activities that can be done during summer and winter. Summer is the time where people will usually travel and it is has the best weather for outdoor activities. It is the time when flowers bloom and the trees look greener than ever. The beach is a place that is popular in the summer for all ages of people because everyone wants to go swimming and get a nice tan before it’s too cold. When it’s cold not many people like to do activities outside. Kids are outside more during the summer, playing sports, swimming or just enjoying the beautiful weather. During winter, there are a large amount of sports that can only be played when there is snow. For example sports such as, skiing, snowboarding, and ice skating are strictly winter sports. Instead of family time being spent at the beach, it might be spent around a bonfire. Although it’s extremely cold, kids can still go play outside in the winter, making snowmen or having snowball fights. In my opinion, there is nothing better than relaxing at a beach and making sandcastles with the kids. Ultimately, there are possibilities for fun and family time in any weather condition.
Many aspects of life are affected by the changes in season. While summer offers sun and fun at the beach, winter has so much more to offer in terms of food, clothing and activities. Winter has bad effects on plants and trees, making them stiff and bleak; while summer gives good effects on trees and plants, allowing them to grow more and produce more fruits. Winter requires more indoor activities; on the other hand, summer requires more outside activities. These two extreme seasons have different effects on the environment and on the people. However, we have learned to adapt every time seasons change.

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