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Within the last decade NASA has launched many missions all for different purposes. One mission that NASA has launched is Dawn. Dawn was launched on September 27th, 2007 and completed its mission on November 1st, 2018. Dawn was a mission that took place in the asteroid belt. The purpose of Dawn’s mission was to enable scientists to learn more about the formation, evolution, and makeup of early solar systems. As of now Dawn’s status is that it is orbiting the dwarf planet Ceres. Between 2011 and 2012 Dawn orbited the giant protoplanet Vesta and became the first mission to orbit two different targets. Some of the equipment that was on board the Dawn spacecraft was a framing camera, visible and infrared spectrometer, gamma ray and neutron detector, and gravity science. The framing camera was used to capture the images of Ceres and Vesta. The framing camera took very detailed images for science and also navigation. Dawn has two cameras. The gamma ray and neutron detector is used to measure element composition. So, if there is water or a plant on a dwarf planet then the gamma ray and neutron detector will pick that up and be logged in the instruments data. The visible and infrared spectrometer is used to measure mineralogy, it can determine what minerals are present on dwarf planets such as Vesta and Ceres. Some of the results of Dawn’s mission are; Dawn has become the first mission to visit a dwarf planet and orbit two other destinations that are beyond Earth. Dawn has allowed scientists to look at two planet like worlds and compare them. They have been able to determine that these worlds have evolved differently. Dawn was able to show how important location is regarding how objects form and evolve in the solar system. Dawn has also strengthened the idea and belief that dwarf planets may have hosted oceans and that they still might host water. In 11 years Dawn has provided an abundance of information regarding dwarf planets and the asteroid belt that scientists will be able to further look into.

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