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Yes, I read and prepared for my role this upcoming Tuesday. I prepared for my role, discussion director, by answering the two reflection questions before the literature circle met and by providing three questions that are controversial/open-ended which will spark interest and discussion between the group. I think that I’ve done mulitple things well in order to prepare for this event. Some include; reading the necessary chapters to understand what’s going on in the story, and answering the questions and quote analysis sheets given to me by the teacher. All of this additional information helps me get a better knowledge of what’s going on in the book. If I had to do things differently, I would’ve gone home after reading the book in school and looked up meanings, character/plot developments, literary devices, and persuasive techniques to get a better concept of the book and to develop what we’ve learned in English so far.
Characters/events/ideas and more I hope to discuss in today’s meeting is
Saul feels a strong spiritual connection to his ancestors. What benefits does he derive from this connection?

What is the significance of Gods Lake?
In the novel, Saul’s grandmother told her family a story, “when Fish Clan hunters tried to catch the moose. The hunters trusted their intuition and followed the moose all the way to Gods Lake. There, the hunters heard frightening laughter and retreated. But years later, Saul’s grandfather journeyed to Gods Lake. He had a vision in which he and his family settled by the lake and harvested rice in peace. Ever since this time, it’s known that only the Indian Horse family can live in Gods Lake.” The effect of the story is that the Fish clan claims Gods lake but also the importance of tradition and storytelling in the Fish Clan. Moreover, Saul’s grandmother mentions Gods Lake because she wants Saul and her family to know why they come here and why it’s so important to the family. This is part of who they are. In addition, their grandfather visioned that they would be peaceful their at Gods Lake and that’s what the family needs now as they just lost two of their children and one is very ill.

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So far in this novel, what role does “family” play in the life of Saul Indian Horse? Discuss some examples of “family” strengths and weaknesses.
In this novel so far, “family” is one of the central themes throughout the book. The author, Richard Wagamese, suggest that the Fish clan has strong beliefs about the importance and structure of a family, as well as strong traditions.
Some examples of “family” strengths in the novel are

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