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You all have lied at one point in time, maybe when we you were little to try and get out of that embarrassment and save your own behind from getting a whooping. Lying is something you do with the intention of benefiting yourself. In hopes of you getting out of a burden that has come upon you. Whether you want to believe it or not, lying is just a human concept that we have all picked up. Some take it to a far-out extent and make it a habit, and some do it just in the spur of the moment situation. Most people do not really care about a little fib here and there, but it is still not good to lie because there is always going to be a consequence, not only for you the liar, but as well as the person you are lying to.

Lying is such an exhausting thing to do. Well, that is if you are going to make the lie to where it plays out. You must have the back story of everything, come up with a story, and get other people involved just to try to deceive someone when you could have saved so much more time just telling the truth. Yes, the word truth popped up in this essay. Knowing how to read the person’s face you are lying to can be a key component in making your lie that much more believable. Going along with their feelings and emotions that they express on their face and spontaneously correlating with their emotion accordingly.

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