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111 Town Square Pl, Jersey City, NJ 07310, U.S.

your house got negative energy
your friends are negative
that’s why you ain’t happy
cuz everything around you as a direct
reflection of who you are God sends us
bold signs and wonders tells us to
change our environment in our
we can reach the ultimate level of being
blessed get rid of things people
situations relationships friendships
deciding that you love yourself enough
to no longer walk in the direction of
if you keep being a victim if you keep
letting losing happen to you if you keep
letting people do you and treat you any
kind of way it’s gonna become a culture
it’s necessary that you get the energy
trainers out of your life people who
don’t want anything
people are not striving people are not
challenging themselves people who aren’t
growing people who stop dreaming it’s
necessary that you align yourself with
people and attract people into your
business who are hungry people who are
unstoppable and unreasonable people who
are refusing to leave life just as it is
but you run around with lose
you will end up a loser it’s necessary
that you get the losers out of your life
if you want to live your dream
if you want to go from average to
phenomenal you got to start hanging
around for nominal people so what I did
was from the people around me my mentors
Eddie Murphy Chris Rock pride er uh who
are all on the wall all in walls yeah
all of them so you surround yourself
with somewhere I surround myself with a
constant reminder of who is great
constantly I come down these steps every
day I look at Richard oh he’s great I
see Eddie he was great I see Chris Rock
he was great it’s a constant reminder
what am I trying to achieve I want to be
great so that motivates me
so what Satan separates me is my drive
my drive is other people’s success

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